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WAMR – Recover deleted messages & status download 2022

WAMR is the utility you were searching for. With one apparatus you can recuperate instant messages and furthermore any media connection (pictures, recordings, voice notes, sound, vivified gifs and stickers)!
Presently you can likewise download Statuses! All with one application!

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Messages are encoded on your gadget so WAMR can’t get to them straightforwardly.
The main arrangement accessible is to peruse them from the notices that you get and make a message reinforcement in light of your notice history.
Whenever WAMR will identify that a message as been erased, it will quickly show you a notice!


WAMR will likewise attempt to save any media appended to the message and on the off chance that the source erases it, you will get a notice.
The accompanying media types can be recuperated: pictures, recordings, enlivened gifs, sound, voice notes, reports, stickers.

If it’s not too much trouble, know that it doesn’t exist an authority and upheld method for recuperating erased messages. This is a workaround and may experience impediments brought about by the chose informing application or even the Android OS:
1) Text messages are recuperated by your warnings, hence, in the event that you have placed a talk on quiet, or on the other hand assuming you are right now watching a message on the informing application before it’s erased you won’t get a notice so WAMR can’t save it! This likewise clearly implies that is difficult to recuperate warnings/messages before you downloaded this application (so download it rapidly!).

2) If messages aren’t being saved, it very well might be brought about by Android killing WAMR. Please eliminate WAMR from all battery improvement administrations!

3) WAMR can’t save documents on the off chance that they aren’t totally downloaded! So on the off chance that you are disconnected or you have a shaky association, or overall assuming the source erases the message containing a media before the informing application downloads it, WAMR can do nothing to save it.

4) If you’re not utilizing a WiFi association, a few media may not be naturally downloaded by your informing application due to your settings. You can change this way of behaving in Messaging application > Settings > Data and capacity utilization and increment your possibilities.

Different constraints might be brought about by your Android form, or your framework language (specifically assuming that it is more right than wrong to-left). If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and get in touch with me and submit me any issue so I can attempt to fix it!



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