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20+ Secret Hidden WhatsApp Tricks and Tips in 2024

WhatsApp is a widely-used messaging app that enables users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and share various media files with their contacts. Known for its simplicity and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy and security. Users can create group chats, share status updates, and access their messages through WhatsApp Web on a computer. The app also offers a business version, WhatsApp Business, tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, and in some regions, it supports peer-to-peer payments. With features like two-step verification and location sharing, WhatsApp provides a versatile and comprehensive platform for communication.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, WhatsApp doesn’t have an official list of “hidden” features, but there are some lesser-known features that users might find interesting. Keep in mind that these features may change over time with updates, and some of them might be more widely known now. Here are some features that were not as prominently highlighted in the past:

20+ Secret Hidden WhatsApp Tricks and Tips in 2024

1. **Starred Messages:** You can mark important messages as “Starred” for quick access later. On most phones, tap and hold the message, then press the star icon.

2. **Broadcast Lists:** Create a broadcast list to send a message to multiple contacts without them knowing who else received the message.

3. **Pin Chats:** Pin important chats to the top of your chat list for easy access. Tap and hold a chat, then tap the pin icon.

4. **Swipe to Reply:** Swipe right on a message in a chat to quickly reply to it.

5. **Reply Privately in Groups:** Reply privately to a message sent in a group by tapping and holding the message, then selecting ‘Reply privately.’

6. **Custom Notifications:** Set custom notification tones for specific contacts or groups. Open the contact or group, tap on the name, and go to Custom Notifications.

7. **Check Message Info:** Find out when your message was delivered and read by tapping and holding the message, then tapping the information icon.

8. **Disable Read Receipts:** You can turn off read receipts (blue ticks) in Settings > Account > Privacy. Keep in mind that if you disable this, you won’t see others’ read receipts either.

9. **Two-Step Verification:** Enable two-step verification for an extra layer of security. You can find this in Settings > Account > Two-step verification.

10. **Format Text:** You can format your text by adding bold, italics, or strikethrough. For bold, use asterisks (*bold*), for italics use underscores (_italics_), and for strikethrough use tildes (~strikethrough~).

11. **Check Storage Usage:** See which chats and groups use the most storage in Settings > Storage and data > Manage storage.

12. **Change Phone Number:** You can change your WhatsApp phone number without losing your chat history. Find this in Settings > Account > Change number.

13. **GIF Search:** When sending a GIF, tap the magnifying glass icon to search for specific GIFs.

14. **Multiple Contacts:** Send a message to multiple contacts without creating a group chat by using the Broadcast feature.

15. **Swipe to Archive:** Swipe right on a chat to archive it. Archived chats won’t appear in your main chat list.

16. **Hide Status from Specific Contacts:** In your Status privacy settings, you can choose who can see your status updates.

17. **Share Live Location:** Share your real-time location with a contact or group for a specified period.

18. **Custom Wallpaper for Chats:** Set different wallpapers for individual chats. Open a chat, tap on the three dots, and select Wallpaper.

19. **Quickly Switch between Voice and Video Calls:** While on a voice call, you can switch to a video call by tapping the video camera icon.

20. **Emoji Search:** If you have a lot of emojis, you can quickly find the one you want by using the emoji search feature.

Please note that the availability of features might vary based on the version of WhatsApp and your device. Additionally, newer features may have been introduced after my last update in January 2022. It’s always a good idea to check the official WhatsApp website or app store for the latest information.



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