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Private नंबर से कॉल कैसे करें | Number badal kar Phone karne wala App

Private नंबर से कॉल कैसे करें | Number badal kar Phone karne wala App


IndyCall – Free calls to India App 2021 

Call any phone in India not sparing a penny. You don’t need money to make a phone call. IndyCall works without credit cards, bills or payments. IndyCall also identifies unknown phone numbers for you.I have spend money to buy minutes but not a single minute is used…..it never connects the call….this is the worst app I have ever seen.I have paid 120rs for calling minutes but once the payment is done, the app automatically logged me out and not it is not showing any balance. There is no help options available as well in the app.

The Features of IndyCall – Free calls to India App

Lot of bugs in app sometimes it wouldn’t able to connect to the server at the time it will logout then have to login again with the Google account. Regreting after purchase in paid subscription.
  • The call time limit is displayed when you dial. Duration of a free call is based on your location and the number you dial.
  • You can purchase indyminutes. Indiminutes remove ads and duration limits. Each indyminute gives one minute to your call to India.
  • You have option to register your phone number.
  • You can get more free minutes in Indycall Booster! Tap on “more free minutes” button in the Get minutes tab, to check the options.

What Does mean by IndyCall – Free calls to India App

Indycall Booster gives you an option to have more free airtime. As usual, you don’t need a credit card or any payment. You just install it and use right away.To get the free airtime, Indycall Booster gives you various tasks from the advertisers. Comple these tasks and get free IndyMinutes.Use these minutes in the Indycall app.

How to Download IndyCall – Free calls to India App

Dear Friends if You want to Download this App then see the App link and click there then you will get the App. and You will enjoy it, thank you so much.

App Link




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