Homenew AppDusre Ka WhatsApp Apne Mobile Me Kaise Chalaye: WhatsApp Chat अपने Mobile...

Dusre Ka WhatsApp Apne Mobile Me Kaise Chalaye: WhatsApp Chat अपने Mobile में कैसे पढ़े?

Dusre Ka WhatsApp Apne Mobile Me Kaise Chalaye, WhatsApp Chat Kaise Dekhe Dusre, Dusre Ka Whatsapp Message Kaise Padhe Apne Phone Me किसी का व्हाट्सएप्प मैसेज कैसे पढ़े सबसे आसान तरीका जाने। किसी दुसरे का WhatsApp Chat अपने Mobile में कैसे पढ़े? –

Vani Meetings – Share Screen While Talking

With Vani Meetings, you can now share your phone screen instantly to your friend and hangout as if you were together!

​No Signups Required
No Login Required
Just share the screensharing link with your friends and start presenting your mobile screen while talking.

Watch Videos, Browse Websites, Read Documents or Shop Together.

With the Mobile to Browser feature, you can stream your mobile screen to a unique link online and invite your friend to view on a computer or any smartphone device.

Thanks to the voice chat function, you can talk simultaneously through the speaker phone as you’re sharing your screen!

Vani Meetings is a screen sharing application that is however straightforward as it seems to be successful. You should simply impart a connection to your preferred contact and they can see on their gadget what you are doing on yours: play a video, read a report, peruse a web-based shop…

No enrollment or login
Effortlessness is the calling card of this application. To begin screen sharing, basically click on the Share screen button and send it using any and all means you need to the contact being referred to. They should simply open the connection in their program.

When the gathering has begun, we can stop the sharing, quiet the amplifier or quiet the speaker, as well as cut the call, obviously. While it is running and we continue on to other applications, we will see a little drifting window from which we can get to the application once more and deal with the video we are sharing.

This is an ideal application for imparting to others anything we do on our gadget, from playing a video or survey photographs to an instructional exercise clearing up how for play out a specific undertaking.

● Grant all the permissions required to allow the app work normally.
● Enjoy and have fun

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